Who we are

The Governance

Board of Trustees (BoT) is the governing body of Korea Water Partnership. The constitution of KWP represents the realization of requirement of true platform representing private – public – participation.

The board of trustees (BoT) consists of 10 people representing the Korean water sectors. BoT members elects the chairman. The KWP board nominates the executive director of Secretariat and herewith controls KWP operations.

Board of Trustees (BoT) Chairman of KWP.

Prof. Dr. Zuwhan Yun is with Dept. of Environmental Engineering, Korea University. He severed to various professional societies including KSWE, IWA, and WEF. He was decorated by the Korean government as a recipient of the Order of Red Stripe for his academic contribution and professional service in 2008.

Director of Drinking Water and Sewage (DWS) Bureau, Ministry of Environment(MoE).

MoE’s DWS Bureau not only leads the national policy on water and wastewater, but also provides various governmental service to build the water infrastructures. National Water Cluster (NWC) which began construction in 2016 is the policy to develop the water industry in 21C. Mr. John Cook Oh took the Bureau Office since 2015.

Executive Vice Chairman of Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association (KWWA).

KWWA is a public corporation formed in accordance with the Amendment of Water supply and Waterworks Installation Act of 2002. The main function of KWWA is not only to assist all 161 water and wastewater utilities in Korea, but to provide the service network between MoE and local authorities. Mr. Young Jin Kwon, the Mayor of City of Daegu is the President of KWWA. Mr. Yong Chul Choi is the Executive VP of KWWA since 2011.

Director of Headquarter of Water Environment Management (WEM), Korean Environment Corporation (KECO).

KECO is a public company created by the KECO Act of 1987 to facilitate the environmental infrastructure. Director of WEM HQ overviews the water related infrastructures in KECO business. Mr. Jongchul Kang currently directs the WEM HQ.

Director of Environment Business Division, Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI).

Formed in 2005, KEITI has various functions of R&D in environmental sectors as well as the developmental roles for environmental industries including water industry. The Chief of Environmental Business Division, Dr Yong-Jin Kim participate to the KWP’s BoT.

President of Korean Society on Water Environment (KSWE).

KSWE is the professional academic society with more than 2,500 members from various specialties in wastewater, water quality, ecology, toxicology, etc. Traditionally, KSWE has a strong professional connection with IWA and WEF. Professor Dr. Suyeol Kwon of National Open University took the office of KSWE for the term of 2015 – 2017.

President of Korean Society of Water and Wastewater (KSWW).

Founded in 1986, KSWW is the professional academic society specialized in the water and wastewater works. Dr Hyun Je Oh of Korea Institute of Construction Technology (KICT) serves as the President term of 2016 – 2018.

Mr. Jong-ho Lee, CEO of Pyungwha Pipe Industry(PPI), Inc.

Founded in 1976, PPI is a professional pipe manufacturer with a leading technology with various patents. PPI operated 2 manufacturing facilities in Korea and 3 oversea branch offices.

Mr. Tae-Hui Chung, CEO of Samjin Precision Co., Ltd.

Samjin Precision is the leading supply of water and drainage valve system. Founded in 1991, the Samjin consisted of 3 subsidiaries which specialized in waterworks and the plant engineering.

Dr. Daehwan Rhu, CEO of BKT Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, BKT is a technical solution provider in water and wastewater. BKT holds various success stories in water technology including piggery wastewater treatment, wastewater treatment and energy recovery. BKT currently operates 3 oversea branch offices.

Mr. Gil-bok Kim, CPA and CEO of Korea Waterworks-Management Institute(KWMI).

KWMI pioneered the asset management and accounting in water and wastewater sectors in Korea. Managerial evaluation and auditing are one of the main function in KWP.


Dr. Yuseop Shim, Executive Director of KWP.

A residing BoT member who is responsible for the operation of the secretariat of KWP. He is responsible for the managerial and secretarial works of BoT and Secretariat Office.

Ms. Sohyun Kim

Ms. Sohyn Kim is the manager of KWP to assist the international cooperation, including KWP’s networking activities.

Mr Seung-Min Lee

Mr Seung-Min Lee is the manager of KWP to support the water industry, including KWP’s platform activities.