About us

Korea Water Partnership (KWP) is a registered not-for-profit corporation founded in April 2015 aimed to provide a network platform for water professionals in private and public sectors in order to promote water industry.

The Korean water industry represents the sum of activities of various water sectors. Water professionals in here belongs to one of following job categories: private company, public sector, academia, research institution, and NGOs. The 5 business work areas of those professionals could categorize to engineering, procurement, construction, operation and finance sector. From the water resources to water supply followed by sewage works, and water environment management to water reuse are the 5 distinctively different technological specialities.

Korean water market is steadily growing up to about 1.6% of Korean GDP, and is 24,000 billion Korean Won(or US$ 21 billion in 2014) or more.
The revenue of public water sector is mainly composed of various governmental subsidies and water tariff. All water and wastewater facilities affiliated local government operated by municipalities and public corporations or private companies.
The private water market including bottled water, home purifiers, and industrial wastewater sector is less than 15% of total water market, but private participation and market in water industry gradually increases recently.

Korean water industry has a unique experience to build the nation’s water infrastructure within just three decades. The water professionals who have broad experience in water sectors and advanced technology are the asset of Korean water industry. The water professionals in here is eager to share the experience and technology. In this regards, KWP would like to provide a platform to share knowledge as well as networking the state of the art technologies. If you have any further question on Korean water industry and KWP, please let us know.